Equine Sports Medicine Mobile Service

DCLAH has expanded the equine sports medicine service. Dr. Meeker is now traveling to different areas in the state with all our digital diagnostic equipment. This allows him to evaluate your horse, make a diagnosis and provide the appropriate therapy all in the same visit. For information on the schedule and current locations, please call the office at 336-998-7131.

Digital Radiology Dentistry
Powerfloating and Oral Surgery

Lameness Exams and Pre-Purchase Exams

Digital Ultrasound
For Diagnosing Tendon Problems and Injuries

For Diagnosing Gastric Ulcers and Respiratory Tract Problems

General Surgery
Soft Tissue and General Orthopedic Surgery

Intensive Care and Intermediate care

Performance Medicine
Programs for Horses of all Breeds & Disciplines

Reproductive Services
Artificial Insemination (Cooled and Frozen Semen). Stallion Collection & Shipping. Embryo Transfer

Clinic Farriers
Robert Engelmann & Jake Boyd